WODL DOWNHILL CART - Visualisation

A high level of safety with a modern design and maximum flexibility for various applications were the requirements for the DownHill Cart from the Austrian company WODL. Johannes made a visualisation in Photoshop and Autodesk Alias based on an existing model.
The idea of ​​the WDC is to give tourists and sports enthusiasts in Austria a chance to drive or ski down the mountain even in summer. For many ski resorts, this opens up an additional attraction for their guests in the warm season. The DownHill Cart can also be easily converted with a ski kit for winter use and is also then the absolute “fun device” and a perfect alternative to sledding and Co.
Wodl GmbH
Visualisation of the Wodl Downhill Cart

Visualisation before it was build

The task was to carry out visualizations and small optimizations for the new generation of DownHill Carts. A Carts illustration was created for a “DownHill Cart” even before it was built. Digital renderings were made in various scenes and environments and the DownHill Cart was presented ready for presentation. The aim was to visually emphasize the advantages of the cart, such as safety and technical stability. In addition, functional and visual improvements have been made.

Visualisation. AddingMaterials and light effects.

The focus was to create the renderings in Photoshop and CAS Autodesk Alias Design, where materials and lighting effects were adapted.

In addition, an own CI was created and the “technical design” optimized. Wodl was positioned as an Austrian company by a noble red badge on a gray seat cover. The silver frame gives a nice appearance.

Incidentally, the Wodl DownHill Cart made a prominent appearance in the austrian TV ORF on October 24, 1818, when Hanno Settele drove down a mountain in “the courier of the emperor” in Wiesen in Burgenland.
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