Next Generation Design Model


DESIGN STORY: SOLIS NOVA NX 358 263 Johannes Geisler

A vision has become reality. Started as a model and draft of a “next generation model”, the feedback from management and customers was so strong that the Solis Nova NX has matured into a benchmark model within the Solis family. It marks where the journey should go. In terms of design, I was able to develop a completely new design CI, which gives a glimpse of the future of Solis tractor design.

The core of the design task for this tractor was the creation of an innovative, new GLOBAL DESIGN LANGUAGE for the product range of the Indian tractor manufacturer International Tractors Limited “ITL”.

Working closely with the management and with the owners of International Tractors Limited a new design language was selected which meant a break in both design and engineering with Stage 4 implementation.

The DNA of the previous tractors has been taken and developed in such a way that they are fully identifiable as Solis tractors, but still recognizable as the next generation. So I had to respect the tradition and figure out what the successor might look like. That really motivated me and at the same time challenged me as a designer.

For example, the large black grille at the front has been retained, but thanks to a completely new design language and, above all, the side contours are much more dynamic, and the integration of new lamps makes them very distinctive and, above all, authentic.

The lamp technology has been completely changed and switched from simple lighting technology to projector lamps and LEDs. 2 superimposed projector lamps give a clear, innovative and modern look, and together with the LED form the new face and the “Future Look” of the future Solis and Sonalika brands. The LED is designed as an S and means something like the “S from Solis / Sonalika”. Even at night, in poor light and fog, the tractor is clearly recognizable as a Solis tractor.

The exterior of the tractor is heavily inspired by automotive design, with sculptural and dynamic surfaces. The material separation across edges, for example on the grill, results in a very innovative and modern look. Edges are sharp, completely new tooling has been developed to follow the design.

I am very grateful that the management is giving a lot of latitude for progressive design changes, especially in this case. Basically, it is also about trust between the decision-makers and the designer in order to take big steps forward.


The proportions of the complete tractor were changed as the tractor hood was positioned higher in the rear as well as the dashboard in the cab area in front.

The “slope”, i.e. the incline of the hood with regard to the international market, has been slightly increased in order to obtain completely new proportions. The tractor is more dynamic, especially when viewed from the side, and comes along with a lot of self-confidence.

The interior has been completely revised in terms of both design and engineering so that the cockpit and canopy form a single unit.

The interior of the LED S from Solis has been consistently further developed in the dashboard.

All functions are clearly and visibly positioned in the so-called specially designed control panel and are perfectly accessible for the customer.

The flying hood over the instrument panel, analogous to automobile interiors, enhances the interior and offers excellent sun protection.

The Nova NX comes onto the market with a clearly progressive, dynamic and muscular design and thus represents a new benchmark for Solis. It is the model for many future Solis and Sonalika tractors, and opens the door to ITL internationally. Working on this tractor represented a milestone for me. In close cooperation with the owners and decision-makers, every step was taken consciously, and even major decisions that required a great deal of effort were implemented to improve the product. At this point, as a designer, I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

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