Core Competence
Industrial Designer. Solution Finder. Chance opener. Opens undiscovered design opportunities. Supports businesses getting bigger through strategic product design. Transfers Ideas and Concept Design to Production to the Birth of a Product.
Small Biography
Johannes Geisler studied industrial design at the FH Joanneum in Graz. After his time as an automotive designer at MAGNA STEYR, working in many OEMs like BMW, MINI, OPEL, etc., responsible for the design and approval of series vehicles, show cars, and design in the exterior & interior, Johannes set up his own business in 2016  to work freely on innovative projects with customers in the long term and follow his wife into self-employment and start a family.

Work Description
Johannes`s work is always focussed on the improvement and redesign of existing products, cars, tractors, machines, sculptures in terms of styling but also parallel in terms of engineering, management and product placement. His focus is also on creating a future product while keeping its history and tradition strongly in mind. Designing the possible next generation of a product and bring it to production is his core discipline.
Make small businesses big through product design
With the first completely designed product range of the ITL tractor group with the brands Solis and Sonalika, Johannes fully exploited the strategic design potential with the customer. Within 5 years the brand is not anymore a succesful local tractor producer but also a global player with design fitting alos into the global market.
Chance Opener. Solution Designer.
What Johannes likes the most, is to turn problems into solutions, supporting small companies getting bigger through product design and a completely new approach of thinking. We can make something out of nothing. I offer sustainable solutions while keeping an eye on technic, engineering, market. The mission is to bring it for sure always till production.


Johannes Geisler is an award-winning designer, mainly working in the field of industrial, product, car, automotive, tractor and graphic design, based in Vienna, Austria.
After successfully finishing the Ortweinschule for Art and Design in Graz he studied Industrial Design at the FH Joanneum in Graz under the guidance of Gerhard Heufler, Gerald Kiska and Achim Storz and gained first experience as Intern in FUORE DESIGN in Barcelona under Erwin Leo Himmel with furniture and vehicle exterior design.
He began as automotive designer at MAGNA STEYR in Graz, working for several European premium car manufactures like BMW, MINI, FIAT, OPEL etc. and global Asian brands from 2005 up until 2015. As Senior Designer he was responsible for the exterior and interior design and as Deputy Chief Designer for the approval of series vehicles, show cars and machines as well as tractors.
Since 2016, he started out as a self-employed creative Industrial Designer and freelancer. His ability to bring new concepts to production brought him the chance to develop a completely new European product design language of all compact tractors produced by the Indian group International Tractors Limited, which works also on the European market.
More than 160000 tractors per year are now manufactured and sold worldwide under the brand names Solis and Sonalika. Different series have been created, which are initially tested as prototypes for a long time before they go into production.
Johannes work has been awarded and been featured on the biggest car and agritechnical exhibitions worldwide.
Work examples
Work examples include the Solis 20, Solis 26 and Solis 50 product line redesigned by JOHANNES GEISLER DESIGN and also facelifts of the Solis 50, Solis 75 and 90 and 110 products, which came onto the international market in 2018. In 2019, the redesigned St4 line Solis 20, Solis 50 and Solis 90 was rolled out in Asia, Africa and South America. In 2022, the US market was also included with the H24 I S24 I S75 and H 24 CAB tractor line under SOLIS TRACTORS USA. The Solis Nova Design  is the design benchmark of the whole Solis S90 Shuttle Design, which has been brought to the market 2023. In 2023, the new Solis SV Line has been presented at the GLOBAL SUMMIT 200, which carrys the tractor design language created by Johannes.

After the production is before the production.

Raising the design quality.
Not everything is perfect, so a key of Johannes`s work experience is allowing market feedback to flow in again and again in order to generate improved product updates.
The design quality of a product are raised together with the customer via product cycles.

Work Style to save CO2.
The work could be done mainly remotely in order to be available for several years without having to fly all over the world and without causing CO2. The aim should be to work consistently on things that will make life better and more beautiful in the future.
Transportation Design | Automotive Design | Product Design | Tractor Design | Agricultural Design | Corporate Design | Serien Design | 2D Design | 3D Design | Design Technic |
Automotive | Agricultural I Mobility | Farming |Green Mobility | Jet Ski I Awards I Sculptures I Organic forms
Professional Hand Sketching I 2D Adobe Photoshop Rendering I 3D Autodesk Alias – CAS 3D Surface Evaluation I Design – Consultancy
Design Supervising – Espertise for Styling till Production I Design Strategy

What is your benefit?
Open up undiscovered design opportunities for your products.

There is always a way to make it different. You may have a product line, which could be better? In terms of design, in terms of engineering and market positioning?
Let`s have a look on it. Johannes loves it to turn problems into solutions, supporting brands through product design and completely new approach of thinking. For sure premium clients can rely on carefully improved and updating successful products. Together we can find undiscovered potentials regarding design and product quality.


Finalist of the most creative business companies in 2019
TOP 10 Entrepreneur
„Design of the next generation of Sonalika and Solis Tractors”
Adolf Loos Staatspreis Design for experimental design
Official Styling Prize of the State Austria
Price for experimental Design for the water powered shaver „Blue Line“ –
signed by the Republic of Austria, state secretary of Art Franz Morak
Winner with the project „CCC“ of the „CREATECH Award“ from the Austrian federal ministry for Transport, Innovation and
Technology – signed by Minister Christa Kranzl.
Project: "future urban mobility"
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