JOHANNES GEISLER DESIGN is in this phase responsible for the long-term design strategy of the Indian tractor manufacturer ITL and thus creates the basis for an internationally competitive product that is now sold worldwide. Design and engineering turn a local Indian tractor brand into an internationally competitive product. And Geisler Design played a leading role right from the start.
The core of the assignment is the development of an innovative, new global design language for the product range of Tractors Limited, ITL and their brands Sonalika and Solis. JOHANNES GEISLER DESIGN creates and designs the exterior and interior, means all visible parts of the tractors. In addition, a corporate identity is created across all components to highlight the uniqueness of the brand.
International Tractors Limited
Solis & Sonalika
2016 – Open
Design and Responsibility of a Global Product Design Language Creation of a product family CI
Industrial Design
Transportation Design
Product Design
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A Powerful cooperation: European design and Indien production

The collaboration between ITL and JOHANNES GEISLER DESIGN has resulted in an extremely powerful, innovative and modern team with very high implementation power and great impact on the international agricultural market. ITL currently has a production capacity of 300,000 tractors per year, which are already sold in over 100 countries. According to its own statements, ITL is now the sixth largest tractor brand worldwide.

Feasable Design

The tractors have been always characterized by their great durability and functionality. But for Europe, a major change in design and engineering was necessary.

The new design with a consistent corporate identity and the technical development of the tractor family, both visually and functionally, meet the requirements of European and international customers.

The design is modernized, brought up-to-date, meets European standards, and in terms of ergonomics and functionality, raises the customer’s benefit. For example, the Interior has been completely tidied up, the cockpit arranged even clearer and the ground cleaned up. The design also underlines the agility of the tractors with a dynamic, powerful appearance. The end customer senses that.

In Europe, ITL is “the fastest growing compact tractor brand” on the continent, according to Internet reports. New lines, models and revisions are currently in the design phase and will be produced after the development process in the coming years.

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