Sonalika Tiger - Indian Tractor Model

Designed in Europe by Johannes Geisler for modern indian farmers. Economic times, November 2020: “Driven by the robust rural demand Sonalika delivered 19,000 tractors in a month and 15,218 in production in Oct 2020 – highest ever done by the company in a month”
“We have created magnificent history together by delivering 19,000 Sonalika Tractors, making it highest ever retail across India in October’20, the beginning of festive season” said Raman Mittal, Executive Director, Sonalika Group, while sharing his thoughts on this overwhelming response.
International Tractors Limited Ltd
2017 – 2019
Industrial Design
Transportation Design
Product Design
Product UX Design,
Strategic Design & CI
Hand Skizze – 2D Photoshop Rendering
3D Design Support – Begleitung der CAS Datenerstellung
Interface Design
Best Tractor for Indian farmers - #Sonalika #Tiger Series - 5,7 MIO VIEWS


"Our recently launched premium tractor series Tiger has been very well accepted and appreciated for its European Design and Best in Class Performance" Raman Mittal, Executive Director, Sonalika Group

Every Detail has been verified together with the Engineering & Management to get the best product possible.

Design + Engineering

The exterior design has been designed to create a really wake up look, especially with the big double eye lamp in the front with a nice LED feature.
The whole model has been recreated to have european design and best in class performance.
The Ip Area and cluster has also been redesigned to give maximal comfort and a lot of space for the customer. The HMI cluster has been designed in a really modern way, with a great overview on all the functions. It has some sporty feeling, underlining the “tiger” approach also in the HMI Design.
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