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The young Argentinian racing driver Marcos Siebert is currently contesting the European Le Mans Series with the Eurointernational team and actually European le Mans Series champion 2023! Before Le Mans he drove the Formula3 in Ralf Schuhmacher’s team in recent years. He is one of the most talented racers in the world and an F4 champion. Johannes goes the way with him and supports in the areas of racing design and branding.
The logo, T-shirts, caps, autograph cards and the complete social media presence including the homepage, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were created in close cooperation with Marcos himself and the team manager. The design reflects the spirit of Marcos. Dynamic, progressive and based on Formula 1,2,3,4 to mark the way forward.


Marcos Siebert – Argentinischer Rennfahrer und Management
since 2016
Key Branding Features
Logo Design
Racing Design
Livery Design
Grafic Design
Logo Development
Social Media Dynamic Design
Instagram and Homepage Key Design
2023 European Le Mans Series Champion
Marcos Siebert on Instagram

„Marcos is an exceptional young racer, and racing is a world of its own...“

A very coherent media appearance was created through the collaboration of a young transportation designer with a young racing driver. When Marcos was voted one of the 20 best young drivers in the world and won the F4 Championship ahead of Mick Schuhmacher, announcements and newspaper stories with millions of copies were printed in Argentina and Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the homepage were heavily visited. Emotional images, designs and the progressive logo convey the claim to get to the top.
Marcos Siebert took part on 2023`s Le Mans Series and joins Eurointernational –

2023 European Le Mans Series Champion
Marcos Siebert on Instagram

The Logo as main core of the CI

The logo was the basis for the further appearance, and the design language was transferred to autograph cards and later completely to the social media area.
The logo itself embodies the letters Marcos Siebert MS, designed as an M and S, and is reminiscent of racing tracks, is very dynamic as well as progressively aggressive, and so fits very confidently into the racing world. The homepage has its finger on the pulse, with large, emotional images and the direct integration of Twitter and Instagram.
As a livery designer, I’ve been able to attend the races over the years, whether in Monza or Spielberg, for example, and also as part of the F1 in Spielberg, I really enjoyed the atmosphere.
In 2022 Marcos started at the Le Mans Series, in 2023 he become 2023 European Le Mans Series Champion. Congratulation!
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