The Styrian Panther as a trophy and award of the styrian governor for outstanding contemporary brass bands, required a symbiosis of tradition and modernity.
For more than twenty years, excellent music clubs in Styria have been awarded with the coveted Styrian Panther. In 2016, Johannes Geisler Design was commissioned to redesign the trophy. It was important to preserve the values ​​and traditions of the self-confident Styria and to emphasize the connection to the present generation through modern elements.
Styrian Provincial Government & Styrian Brass Band Association
Design of the Sculptur
Hand Drawings
2D Photoshop Renderings
3D Design Support and Modelling with the producer “Organic Form Productions”
Prototype, Realisation and production release of the small series

„The work on this sculpture was a beautiful challenge for me personally and a great honor”.

The generous incorporation of a strong, modern and elegant Panther was a requirement. The logo of the Styrian Brass Band Association with the insignia S and B on a square was subtly, gently and softly overlaid in a sculptural form, symbolizing the suppleness and dynamic of the music. It forms together a lively harmony and unity with the Styrian Panther. The light is reflected in the soft flanks and thus are creating a nice delicate effect.

Two Styrian Materials

By using wood and metal, two old Styrian materials are used. Due to the real oak wood, every trophy is unique. Because of this element, every single panther shimmers in a different structure and surface, highlighting the uniqueness of each excellent music club.
The design underlines the innovative character of our country and the styrian brass band association, which enables young and older people through music a meaningful, creative artistic activity. The upper part is designed and realized as a casting part, so the Panther can be produced as a small batch production.
Der Steirische Panther - Skulptur
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