Solis "Compact" Tractors S20 S26 S28 S30

The Solis S 20 – S30 line (HP20 – HP30) is a line of compact tractors. It is very flexible, manoeuvrable, agile and powerful due to its compact size, the 4-wheel drive, as well as a wide variety of attachments and types of tires. Johannes Geisler designed and designed these compact tractors for the most diverse demands of farmers, gardeners, park owners, golf course owners and many more.
Due to the completely revised design, the S20 – S30 line looks very dynamic, powerful, high quality and authentic. The grille has been visually enlarged compared to its predecessor, the overall proportions have changed, the side view has been modernized and made more dynamic, the inclination of the entire tractor has been increased, the surfaces have been sculpted, edges and authentic lines have been drawn in. This makes the tractor appear very compact and powerful, in line with its type.


International Tractors Limited Ltd – Solis
2017 – 2019
Industrial Design & Entwurf
Transportation Design
Produkt Design
Produkt UX Design,
Strategisches Design & CI
Hand Skizze – 2D Photoshop Rendering
3D Design Support – Begleitung der CAS Datenerstellung
Interface Design
Success Facts
Most sold tractor in Germany 2022 –  Nr.1
Nr.1 in Germany, France,…
Solis H26 All-Wheel Steer is a smart tractor that is known for its intuitive design.



Video by Solis Tractors International – Product Design Language by Johannes Geisler



"The new design language respects tradition, you can clearly see the predecessor, but the new S20 -S30 line is still a clear visual statement for the future"

Many design elements of the compact tractor, such as the design language, grill, lamps, the “Solis S” and the dark sword on the side are reminiscent of its big brothers and thus fit perfectly into the corporate identity and the design of the entire family.

The idea was also to give more light to all areas of the tractor. This was achieved through outwardly curved, organic shapes and surfaces similar to automobile construction and highly detailed separations and transitions. Here Johannes Geisler was able to use the many years of experience he had acquired in the design of passenger cars and greatly increase the design appearance quality, i.e. the overall visual quality.

To present the name and the Solis brand, a “Solis sword” was carefully and prominently created behind the grille, on which the name shines in chrome and is recognizable from a far distance.

Interior & Lightdesign- Usability Friendly Design - UX Product Design

The interior and the entire seating and operating concept have been optimized in terms of ergonomics, design and function. The IP itself is reminiscent of automobile interiors, the hood over the cluster is a nice example. In the interior, the design of the exterior and the CI of the Solis line have been consistently continued. “Functional Areas” were deliberately created by Johannes Geisler in order to clearly arrange switches, clusters and control elements. The ground has been cleaned up, straightened and gives the driver maximum comfort, which can be felt as soon as he gets on the tractor. Detail design: All components such as fenders, floor, switches and controls were designed in a uniform, modern and robust design language.
Light design: The chrome lamps with the latest projector technology – 2 projector lamps, stand out and create a powerful, elegant look even from afar. Furthermore, the vertically arranged lamps have adopted the CI, which was already prominently displayed in the larger compact tractors S 50, S75, S90.
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