Solis 2020 110 NOVA NX

The Solis 110 Nova NX marks the latest and biggest generation of Solis tractors. It is based on the Solis 90, which marks the design benchmark and role model within the Solis product family of the globally active Indian group International Tractors Limited.
With completely new proportions and a design that is  progressive, dynamic and muscular, drawn by Johannes Geisler, the Nova NX is now also coming onto the market with 110 HP and is currently the most powerful tractor in the Solis family. It is a strong expression of Solis’ new global design language and leads the family in terms of HP but also Design Targets.
International Tractors Limited Ltd – Solis
Industrial Design & Entwurf
Transportation Design
Produkt Design
Produkt UX Design,
Strategisches Design & CI
Hand Skizze – 2D Photoshop Rendering
3D Design Support – Begleitung der CAS Datenerstellung
Interface Design
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This tractor is showing the way into the future

Thanks to the new proportions, this tractor can fully exploit the design potential of Johannes’ new design line.
NovaNX - Design by Johannes

Design + Engineering

In terms of design, the exterior of the tractor, with sculptural and dynamic surfaces, was strongly based on automotive design. New tools enabled sharp edges and material separations to be generated, which convey a very innovative and modern look. The interior has been completely revised in terms of ergonomics, functionality and design in order to achieve the greatest possible comfort. The complete rearrangement of the tractor means that the cockpit and the bonnet form a single unit.

Two vertically superimposed newly developed projector lamps give a clear, innovative and modern look, and together with the S-shaped LED, form the new face and the “Future Look” of the future Solis and Sonalika brands.

In the interior, the theme of the “Solis S” was consistently further developed formally in the dashboard.



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