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Leistungs Abzeichen

The award for young musicians in Austria is categorisesed in 4 Levels.
The performance badges of the Austrian Wind Music Association and the Austrian Wind Music Youth are a symbol of musical diligence and a sign of artistic and musical development on the instrument. In addition to the revision of the badge guidelines (effective September 1, 2016), the design of the junior, bronze, silver and gold pin has also undergone an update.
Johannes has designed a completely new form for the young musicians. The design of the performance badges, which can be taken at four performance levels in theory and practice, is also new. The new achievement badges are presented in an attractive “updraft triangle” shape, exhibiting an upright, proud stance, flamboyant and forward-looking, and appearing confident and compact. The very aspiring and idiosyncratic form is a sign of the musician’s performance. The shape itself symbolizes musical upswing. The “B” of the Austrian Wind Music Association and the Austrian Wind Music Youth stands out flying with different shades of color and is elegant and smooth, comparing with the flow of the music. The new performance badges are elegant and focus on the musical performance that musicians achieve by taking the exam.
Österreichischer Blasmusikverband – Austrian Brass Music Association
Production: Pichl
2017 – 2019
Industrial Design
Produkt Design
Strategisches Design & CI
Hand Skizze – 2D Photoshop Rendering
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