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The young Austrian winegrower Johann Schlösinger is an up-and-coming winegrower who was looking for a new CI for his company. Johannes goes the way with him and supports in the areas of design, CI, logo, branding.
The logo, the wine bottle labels on new wine bottle shapes, T-shirts and caps were created in close cooperation with Johann himself. The design reflects the company’s strength of being represented in 3 regions with vineyards and the winery and reflects it in the logo. The exact region, variety and color can be read on the label.
Weingut Johann Schlösinger- Winery Johann Schlösinger I Austria
seit 2018 – now
Grafic Design
Logo Development

Early Design Process Proposals for the wine etiquette of Johann Schlösinger.

Dummy Image

"The wine labels of Weingut Johann Schlösinger reflects the 3 regions of the winery"

A very coherent media appearance was created through the collaboration of a designer with a young winegrower.
The 3 III’s in the Schlösinger lettering stand for the Carnuntum, Thermenregion and Burgenland regions. These are also identified by a small card in the upper right corner with a silver or gold imprint. The color of the wine, whether red or white, is indicated by the white and black labels. The soil symbolizes the Rust region in Burgenland in silver, i.e. more slate soil, in gold the thermal region with the Goldberg and the clay soil there.

Corporate Identity neu

The logo was the basis for the further appearance, and the design language was transferred to the interior of the wine sales room, to wine boxes, to business cards and flyers, or an overall appearance was created.
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