Solis Tractors USA H24 I S24

The Solis Tractors US Version HST H24 is a line of compact tractors based on the Solis S24 / S26. It has a hydrostatic transmission and is therefore efficient and generates less noise and meets the requirements of the US market. Johannes Geisler designed the Solis 26, which is the basic model of this type.
In contrast to the European version in Solis blue, the US version comes in rich red and looks very self-confident, dynamic and of high quality. The market presence was also adjusted accordingly. The shape and surfaces correspond to the basic model, typical US features are offered depending on market requirements.
International Tractors Limited Ltd – Solis

2017 – 2019

Industrial Design & Entwurf
Transportation Design
Produkt Design
Produkt UX Design,
Strategisches Design & CI
Hand Skizze – 2D Photoshop Rendering
3D Design Support – Begleitung der CAS Datenerstellung
Interface Design
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