Sonalika & SOLIS 90 NON EU

The Solis 90 and the Sonlika 90 can be found on the global market in India, South America (Brazil, Argentina,..), Asia, with Cabin but also without Cabin.
SOLIS 90 provides synchronized transmission so as to render increased productivity for the operator.
It consistently continues the dynamic Solis design with 2 projector lamps and the Solis sword on the side wall logo in black.
The advanced ergonomics and stylish design of this tractor is a delight for the eyes. Designed to deliver full potential on huge acres of farm lands, SOLIS 90 showcases utmost power on the field.
International Tractors Limited Ltd – Solis
2017 – 2019
Industrial Design & Entwurf
Transportation Design
Produkt Design
Produkt UX Design,
Strategisches Design & CI
Hand Skizze – 2D Photoshop Rendering
3D Design Support – Begleitung der CAS Datenerstellung
Interface Design
Dummy Image
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